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Hello! I am Abdüssamet. I am a doctor of medicine and an AI researcher in medicine. I check research databases every day and publish related researches about AI in medicine on PyMed. If you are interested in AI in Medicine and want to get notified about it subscribe to my newsletter.

4015 listed, 1874 not listed, 9559 still waiting review. 15497 in total.


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Abdüssamet Aslan, MD
Abdüssamet Aslan, MD

doctor of medicine, software developer, researcher, blogger

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26 Feb 2021

Bioinformatics (1)
Dentistry (1)
Dermatology (1)
Ear Nose Throat (1)
Gastroenterology (1)
Pathology (1)
Pediatrics (1)
Radiation Oncology (2)
Radiology (10)
Urology (1)

25 Feb 2021

Bioinformatics (1)
Cardiology (1)
Dentistry (1)
Endocrinology (2)
Gastroenterology (1)
Infectious Diseases (2)
Neurology (2)
Other (1)
Pathology (1)
Pharmacology (2)
Radiology (7)