2 Best Tools For Accelerating Your AI Model Development

Let’s assume that you have an excellent AI project idea and your job is AI model development. But you are not good at coding or don’t have enough data to train a model from scratch. You need to develop a production-ready AI model. Which tools should you use to complete this job fast?

NVIDIA created two fantastic tools to accelerate your AI model development from training to inference: TAO Toolkit and Triton Inference Server. The first is for training and fine-tuning, and the second is for deploying your model.

AI Model Development with TAO Toolkit

You can use transfer learning and low-code AI training tools. I wish there were such a tool for combining both of them. TAO Toolkit is such a thing.

TAO Toolkit for AI Model Development

TAO Toolkit is a low-code framework that simplifies and accelerates the creation of production-ready AI models for speech and visual data. You can choose pre-trained models from NVIDIA’s library and start training quickly. Develop your AI model without spending months training and deep AI expertise. Then you can optimize your model for your application. After training and optimization, your model is ready to deploy!

AI Model Deployment with Triton Inference Server

You trained and optimized your AI model and think it is ready to deploy. But how can you do it with less effort and more efficiency? The answer is simple: Triton Inference Server.

Triton is an open-source universal inference software for all major frameworks and platforms. It simplifies AI model deployment independent from your backend. You can quickly deploy your model using Triton Inference Server, trained with any machine learning framework like PyTorch and TensorFlow. Also, It is available in Python and C/C++ and optimized for CPU, GPU, and edge.

You can start using Triton from Quick Start Guide.


AI model development and deployment is a time-consuming process. You need to use some tools to do these fast. NVIDIA developed TAO Toolkit and Triton Inference Server to accelerate your go-to-market speed. You can train and optimize your model with TAO Toolkit and deploy it with Triton Inference Server.

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