I’m Abdussamet. I’m a medical doctor and self-taught software developer. After working as an ambulance doctor in Ankara, I quit practicing medicine. I am currently working as a Product Manager at OpenZeka. Also, I am a Ph.D. student in Medical Informatics at Middle East Technical University. In addition, I develop mobile applications and work on projects related to artificial intelligence in medicine.

I started learning software development on my own when I was in middle school. I learned by reading, researching, and experimenting with patience. While studying at medical school, I worked as a software developer in different startups. I have worked on biostatistics, machine learning, and deep learning.

I am currently doing multidisciplinary studies on artificial intelligence in medicine by combining my medical and technical experience. My areas of interest are health technologies in wearable devices, clinical decision support systems, medical signal & image processing.

I mostly use PHP, Python, Javascript, and Swift languages ​​when developing software. I like to use Laravel and VueJS frameworks. I especially enjoy using SwiftUI when developing mobile applications. In my work on machine learning, I prefer to use TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras, MONAI, and Scikit-Learn. I like to use IBM SPSS to do statistical analysis.

You can reach me through LinkedIn and [email protected]. If you want, we can meet you in a 15-minute session on SuperPeer.